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Manatee Elementary School10

Rockledge, FL | Brevard County


October 26, 2014

Manatee is a wonderful place of learning. I have two children at Manatee and both rare excited to go to school every morning. The teachers I have encountered are nurturing and care about the students. Correspondence is constant for both good and bad reports . There is great parent involvement. The activities are many and always well attended. My girls love going there.

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September 8, 2014

We moved here two years ago from Chapel Hill, NC. We have one child in the 4th grade and one in the 1st grade. I am an education researcher and have found that Manatee is a good school by Brevard County standards. So much depends on the classroom teacher, as far as individual instruction and differentiation. Concerns about testing and state mandates aren't really a school site issue, although I see some complaints here based on such. The faculty is friendly, the office staff could use a kick in pants. YOU must work with your children on homework and assignments if you want them to succeed (as it should be at every school). There are many morning and afternoon activities. The morning mile is great for extra fitness and odyssey of the mind is a wonderful afterschool club. If you look at school scores, school of choice Robert Stevenson scores tops for the county, but Manatee is a good school. If you want your children to exceed the average, I suggest a tutoring service and extra help outside of the regular school day. The school could improve by offering extra content work outside of the school day (kind of like the summer science camp).

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September 7, 2014

We moved up from S. Florida thinking we found the perfect school and we were excited. Our child was an honor roll student and as soon as she started at Manatee her grades dropped. Had several conferences with the teacher and all we heard was don't worry. Also, only having 3 days of recess is not enough for a child, they need to get out and relax their minds. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have bought our home for this school zone. Look at Suntree, Quest or Ralph Williams Elementary Schools.

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July 10, 2014

NOT ALL 10-RATINGS ARE DESERVING: MANATEE Will Teach Your Kid How To Score Higher On FCATs And LEARN Much Less - They Will Learn That PRAISE Is Over-rated, Unless The PAID Staff Is Receiving It - MANATEE Will Teach That Kids Only Count As Far As It BENEFITS The School or Admin; KIDS And Parents Are To Remain Quiet And Not DARE Question Nor Think - To Be Submissive, OR Suffer The Consequences - Not Mutual RESPECT or Performance - What Matters And Is Important Here Will Be DICTATED, So Grin And Bear It! - This School Will Provide ALL That, And So MUCH Less. - These Are YOUR KIDS, So SELECT Wisely. - Without Our Kids Or Money, They Have Nothing... USE IT! - YOUR Kids Are There ALONE ALL Day Being Intimidated; With NO Representation - If They Complain To You Today, Tomorrow They Are Back ALONE With Them - The Less A Parent Knows, The More They'll Love This Place. GET INFORMED! - There Is Only One BROWN To Be Concerned Of, NOT The Others - PARENTS Show Up, Don't Accept ANYTHING Blindly, Make DEMANDS, And STAY Involved AND Be Seen!

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June 21, 2014

The School Appears To Have A High Rating, but overall it has plenty of shortcomings. The Academics are limited to what the Administration determines how it benefits him and the school's ranking, rather than the student's benefit. Trophies for the School, Nothing for the kids. The students are discouraged from independent thinking, by the over use of written reprimands and intimidation tactics by the Teachers. There is virtually No Physical Activities, they discuss it more than actually going out nor a true recess or physical games. No actual Certificates are issued if your child achieves Honors, etc. but they get a Tag or a Coupon from a Vendor. Perhaps paper isn't in the budget. There is No playful commencement on the last year at the school either, although a Clap-out is okay, but Not the same. The Principal Dictates over the staff, and expects that All Activities and Yearbooks will have an Inflated Price to gain a Commission profit from it. If possible, I would avoid Manatee Elementary and would find a home within Quest or Ralph Williams, or any other. Any school where the children matter more than the Administrator's career and false self-accolades.

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June 19, 2014

I am VERY happy with our overall experience at Manatee. I have safety concerns and have never received such wonderful genuine action from any other school like we have had with Manatee. Mrs. DeSantis was our first teacher there when we moved to Manatee and I cannot even put in words just how wonderful she is. My son took pride in learning because of her and he went from struggling and feeling left behind in other school to feeling excited about learning and we saw such a huge improvement. The school overall communicates VERY well and the training they must have in safety again HIGHLY IMPRESSIVE. MR. Brown is the perfect principal and I feel so blessed to have had our son attend such a fine school. I think more schools need to have the kind of safety training and unity this school has. It felt like they were all on the same page. EXCELLENT communication. Mrs Eckert was our Second Grade Teacher and our son seemed to have the same experience with being given the tools to achieve. Obviously I personally have had the best experience here.

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June 15, 2014

This school runs off students who don't fit the mold. If your child doesn't perform at the top the ridiculous amount of testing and assessments they will try to convince you to retain your child. What is worse, a good portion of the kids in the area seem to be on add drugs. If your kid thrives on spitting out massive amounts of standardized test prep worksheets and you're a parent who doesn't care about whether your child is getting any sort of deep learning experiences, then this is the school for you.

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September 28, 2013

During recess, multiple teachers are out on the playground talking, not watching children, while multiple children are playing and as a result various injuries have occurred. The wait to get into the school is ridiculous. You may wait in line for 10-14 minutes, finally get to drop your child off and then the buzzer sounds, then your child is tardy. Multiple suggestions are brought up to the administration on ways to have effective change and the principal has no interest. If your child is well beyond what the classroom is learning, there are no suggestions or attempts to advance the child. Unfortunately, if a child has some learning challenges, the parents get phone calls constantly. I am very displeased with how the principal takes no interest with the kids or the environment. Creativity for the kids is limited. Remember, they are kids. Stop focusing on scores. They are all individuals. Some will be doctors, lawyers, artists, mechanics. Some will make fantastic scores and make nothing of their life while others may not test well and become anything they desire.

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August 19, 2013

We are very surprised that they didn't move the current PE teacher back to the classroom so Mr. Bartlett could stay on. I know so many parents and teachers that feel the same way. My children are very upset that he is not at Manatee this year. He was one of the bright spots at this wonderful school. Our family has been at Manatee for five years and absolutely love this school and this area. We just wish they kept certain teachers.

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January 18, 2013

The teachers only know how to teach 1 methodology and do not keep you updated on your child's progress. The principal seems uninvolved! My child received a scholastic award then 1 week later, they are threatening to hold her back! Go figure!

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November 10, 2012

Not at all what I had expected. The school seems sterile and the children very soldier like. There's no talking allowed in the cafeteria, PE is very structured and if you get to go to recess it's at the end of the day and doesn't last long. The kids are there 6 hours and expected to be quiet the entire time with no outlet. The academics are quite rigorous, which I suppose would be a plus for many people, but the 2 hours of homework each night on top of the 6 hours sitting at a desk staring at a white board becomes overkill. They teach from the FCAT practice books more than they do the curriculum. I suppose since the goal is to be on top via FCAT scores this is appropriate. The art program is a joke, they've cut out computer lab since they "don't have time to teach science in the classroom" and now need a science lab. Such an odd an eery feeling when walking into the school. It's almost as if there are no children here. No smiles, no laughter. Seemed more like a bunch of robots.

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July 9, 2012

Manatee is a great school with a great rating in a fantastic area. It is a perfect school for the Linguistic Learner. However, they seem to lack differentiation and the ability to teach students with other than linguistic learning styles. If Manatee could get their teachers better training in how to deal with multiple intelligences and use those concepts in the classroom regularly this school would have the full package. Teachers are great, parent participation is great. I kind of disliked that the only way I would find out anything about my child's performance is if I specifically requested it or through Edline. I would have appreciated a teacher initiated contact when something wasn't going well because usually by the time it posted on Edline it was too late to deal with.

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February 7, 2011

We are new to Manatee this year. My son is in fifth grade and loves it, so do I. His teacher (Mrs. Rice) keeps me updated on his work and offers advice on how to help him succeed. He has never had such a dedicated and caring teacher. He also has another fifth grade teacher for a reading tutor. She is so good with him. All the teachers are so caring and helpful. The tone of the school is very positive. The principal is very visible. Love the experience.

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September 4, 2009

Excellent school, The teachers recognize the needs of some students to be challenged beyond the curriculum giving them more advanced lessons along with the required curriculum. Also the teachers are very responsive to parents concerns phone calls and emails are returned promptly, sometimes surprisingly so.

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September 3, 2009

Great school if your child is a run of the mill student and goes with the status quo- not the best setting for children who need a differentiated curriculum that allows for creativity and their own voice.

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